We offer assistance to families in navigating through elements of the school system including but not limited to teachers, administrators and School Resource Officers. We train youth on how to deal with conflicts involving school administration, staff, teachers and classmates.


We believe in building children up. We are aware of the fact that our students are the most over disciplined and the least believed in the education system. We know that the system is set up to see that they fail. Our job is to come in and support the students where they are. We assess the situation, help where we can and connect them to community resources that are available. because it “takes a VILLAGE to raise a child.”


We provide Safe Optional Youth Spaces, Family Healing Spaces and Parent Healing Spaces to process and cope with emotions of feeling overwhelmed, stressed and traumatized on campuses. With the uptick of racial tensions and discrimination on campuses, the statistics show our children are on the receiving end of bias in both teaching and policy. We acknowledge that students can’t learn if they are feeling unsafe, harassed, targeted, marginalized or threatened. This safe space is one where students can be surrounded by loving adults who are there to talk and walk them through life’s trials on a consistent basis.

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